Ice Cold Minimalism

Strange things happen in cold, isolated places.

People start thinking of new ways to preserve their fish. Lines between beautiful and terrifying get blurred.


We wandered past a staple of Reykjavík Instagram, The Sun Voyager, a striking steel statue that children like to climb on while moms try to get their children to put on their freshly purchased cold weather gear.

The whole statue feels like overgrown IKEA mantelpiece decoration: gloriously clean lines that just might steal your soul. It’s perched elegantly at the point where IKEA goes dystopian.

Walking up the hill towards the imposing Hallgrímskirkja church we passed adorable, colorful shops and houses, but the great white church loomed as we approached.




It can really only be described as a dream filming location for a stylish villain.

The brutal minimalism of gorgeous Scandinavian design gives way to something just brutal.


There’s a feeling of unintentional harshness — like the original purpose of the building has been cut away, forgotten in the relentless pursuit of magnificent simplicity.

Strange things happen in cold, isolated places. I like them.

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